‘We want you to know that I am proud’: Ariel and Jordana’s son Jordan is the youngest child of Kate Upton and Jordanna Milani

Ariel and Jordan’s son, Jordan, is the oldest child of the two.

It was born last week, making him the youngest of the three children of Kate and Jordani Upton.

The younger ones are both 18 months old.

Jordan is still a baby, but his mother, Kate Upton, is expecting their third child, a boy.

Kate and her husband, Jordana Milani, have three other children from a previous relationship, and Jordan is their fourth.

The Upton children have been married for almost 20 years.

Jordan was born on October 22 to Kate Upton’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. John Upton, in the small town of New York City.

His father was a pediatric surgeon.

Kate Upton had been married to the Upton family for four years, and they had two children.

He and Kate are the parents of three sons, six daughters, and five grandchildren.

Ariel and his two siblings are still in the Upton household.

Ariel was born in September 2014.

Ariel’s mother, Dr, and Mrs Upton, has been with the family for more than 40 years.

Ariel is now two and a half months old, according to the New York Post.

Ariel came into the world on September 25, 2014, and was given a birth weight of 1,250 grams.

His mother is currently a pediatrician.

Ariel had been on the NICU a total of five days before his birth, according the New Yorker.

Ariel has a congenital heart condition that has caused complications.

Ariel does not have any heart problems.

His parents had planned to have their son circumcised.

Ariel received the first round of surgery to remove the foreskin, a piece of tissue that runs along the penis from head to tip.

Ariel underwent three rounds of surgery, the last of which was to remove his foreskin.

Ariel, now six, is being cared for at a New York hospital by Dr. John Milani.

Dr. Milani was a member of the medical staff at the hospital when Ariel was first born.

Ariel says he is very happy.

He was born with a hole in his penis, and he was circumcised.

He’s so happy, he says.

Ariel Upton and her family, who have four children from previous relationships, have been in a long-term relationship for almost 40 years, dating back to 1993, when Kate Upton was a student at NYU Medical School.

Ariel first started dating Dr. Upton, who had a successful practice in New York and is now the president of the American College of Pediatricians.

The two have two sons and a daughter.

Ariel said he has never considered dating anyone else.

He has only been dating Dr Upton for about six months.

Ariel graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in medical nursing in 2007, and later received a master’s degree in family medicine from NYU.

Ariel lives in the Bronx, where he works in an intensive care unit at St. Barnabas Hospital.

Ariel described his relationship with Dr. Drum, the woman who helped him get the procedure, as a “good, good friendship.”

Ariel’s parents say he is extremely grateful for her support.

“My father was one of the first people I knew in the world that I would ever be able to be with,” Kate Upton said.

“He was a big reason for my success and my happiness.

And he’s been my best friend ever since.

We’re both so happy.”

Ariel Upton said he was “very proud” of his mother for what she has done for him.

“It’s really a blessing that she’s been so open with me and has allowed me to be the person I am,” Ariel said.

Ariel hopes to graduate from college in 2019.