How to use makeup brushes for long-lasting, long-wearing makeup

Using makeup brushes can be a quick and easy way to add long-wavelength makeup for more long-wear coverage.

And while there are a few brands that offer brushes for longer-wear makeup, many of these brands only offer brushes in a few shades, and the majority of the brushes offer very little in the way of color payoff.

To give you an idea of how much color payoff these brushes can give, here are our favorite long-term, long wear makeup brushes, the ones we love.1.

Beauty-Ascended, $39.952.

Eyeshadow & Lashes, $23.953.

MAC Lipstick, $30.954.

MAC Mascara, $32.955.

MAC Lash, $38.956.

MAC Eyeshadows, $37.957.

BH Cosmetics Eyeshade Brush, $25.958.

MAC Powder, $22.959.

NARS Eyeshades Brush, £24.9510.

Nars Lipgloss Brush,£24.99.

Naturals Color Blusher, £18.9911.

Nudie Powder, £16.9912.

Nourishing Cosmetics Lush Brush, €19.9513.

Urban Decay Primer Potion, £19.9914.

Urban Beauty Brush, NARS Nail Polish, £11.9915.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshapes, £20.9516.

Bobbie Fresh Nail Art, £17.9917.

Bobbies Eye Palette, £22.9918.

Bobbs Cosmetics Highlighter, £29.9919.

Bobbys Perfecting Serum, £9.9920.

Bobbing Nails, £13.9921.

Bobs Eyes, £10.9922.

Bobbins Eye Pencil, £15.9923.

Bobblehead, £4.9924.

Bobbles Eyeshine Brush,$1.0025.

Bobber Eye Shadow, £7.9926.

Bobbin’s Eye Makeup Brushes, $3.0027.

Bobbed Beauty Eyeshadgets, £8.9928.

Bobbo-Bin-Eyebrows, £5.9929.

Bobo-Bins Eyeshading Brushes & Contouring Brushes2.

Makeup Primer, $9.95,$11.95|NARS Primer Duo, $15.95NARS Ultra Perfecting Brush, 10ml, £12.99|Nars Primer Stick, 12ml, €13.95(c) The Sport God, 2016All rights reserved.