Cosmetic dentist’s ‘surprise’ $500 donation makes a difference

SAN FRANCISCO — A dental professional in California’s San Francisco Bay Area has donated more than $500,000 in donations for a local family’s cosmetic dentition.

Jaclyn Hill and her husband, Matt Hill, who have been dentists for 16 years, opened their dental practice in January.

The Hills, who live in San Francisco, have three children and three grandchildren.

They had hoped to open their own practice in California, but the state’s Proposition 123 passed in November.

Jacyn Hill said that despite the election result, the Hills were determined to make dentistry a viable option for the Hill family.

“We wanted to make sure that they were able to afford dental care, and the campaign didn’t have that opportunity,” she said.

Jacen Hill said the couple hopes to expand the practice as their children grow.

“Our goal is to expand, and our family has always wanted to have a dental practice,” she told CBS San Francisco.

The donation is the second donation made by a San Francisco dental professional to a family in the Bay Area.

The first donation was made to the Hill’s children’s dental school.

The charity that has made the donation, Children’s Dental Center of San Francisco (CDCSF), has also been in touch with Jaclyn Hill to help pay for the dental school tuition.

The children’s school’s dental director, Jennifer O’Neill, said the donation was a “great way for us to thank them for the donation.”

O’Neill said that in the past two years, the children have seen a difference in their dental care and the Hill parents have been able to make more money than ever.

The $500 gift is the largest donation made to a dental charity in San Franciscos history.

Jacens first donation came when she was an intern with the San Francisco Chronicle in 2017.

The Chronicle reported that the family has a small business in California and that the Hill families dental practice has been successful in keeping the business afloat.

Jacelena Hill said she and her parents are grateful to the family for the gift.

“There are a lot of families who are struggling with dental problems and they are looking for a way to make a living,” she added.

“The Hill family has been very good to us and to all of the other families.”