What’s the deal with stila?

When it comes to beauty brands, stila has its fair share of detractors.

The company is known for its “skin-perfecting” products, but its biggest brand, Stila Beauty, has been in the headlines for not only being a cheap knockoff of the iconic brand but also for making “anti-aging” products. 

According to a report in the Guardian, Stilas’ new cosmetic packaging is allegedly made with ingredients such as “antioxidants” and “anti‐aging ingredients” in the hopes of helping skin look younger and healthier. 

The Guardian report alleges that the packaging is made with “antibacterial” ingredients that could possibly have harmful effects on skin, including benzoyl peroxide and oxybenzone, which are widely used in anti‐aging products.

The Guardian also notes that the company has been under fire recently for allegedly stealing other beauty brands’ names, logos, and trademarks.

 This week, St. Martins launched an official campaign to “bring back stila” in an effort to “change the way we talk about beauty.”

The campaign will reportedly feature a “stila face” and a “Stila logo on stila face cream.”

The company says it has received “many inquiries” regarding the campaign and that it has “no intention of going back on its word” in regards to the Stila brand. 

Stila’s latest cosmetics range is slated for release in November, and the company claims to have over 200 cosmetic products that are made with 100 percent natural ingredients. 

Source: TechCrunch