When it comes to beauty products: what you need to know

Aussie beauty brands are under fire for what they’re doing to protect the consumer from damaging products.

Key points:The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched an investigation into aero cosmetic brand ToribelleCosmeticsAero Cosmetics has launched a new line of products aimed at tackling the issue of sunscreen damageA new campaign by the company claims that aero is “safe” for consumers to wearWhen it comes right down to it, Toribelles new skin-care range is a bit like a drug.

But that’s not the only thing the company’s marketing team is touting as its latest campaign.

The company has taken aim at what it claims is a “very dangerous” drug called Sunscreen.

The sunscreen was first discovered by Dr. Andrew Mardis, a dermatologist at the University of Western Australia.

In his research, Mardides found that a sunscreen’s protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays was dependent on the number of sunscreens on the face, which he claimed to be a direct correlation with the number and shape of the pores of the skin.

He said that the product’s design would allow skin to “wash itself” when exposed to sunlight, thus leaving behind a protective barrier.

In fact, M.E. Toribella has made no secret of the fact that Toribels skin-lightening products are made with synthetic materials.

In the marketing materials for its latest range, Torifelles has labelled Sunscreen as a “natural” ingredient.

But when asked about the potential dangers of Sunscreen in the presence of sunlight, Toriatele Cosmetics spokesperson Andrew Lacey told the ABC’s 7:30 program that it was “absolutely safe” to wear a sunscreen.

“We believe sunscreen is a natural ingredient that can be safely worn and it is actually safe to wear sunscreen,” Lacey said.

“It is safe to use it on sunburns.

We are not claiming that it’s safe to touch the skin with, but it’s certainly not harmful.”

Toribelle Cosmetics launched its Sunscreen range in January with a price tag of $10 for a box of 12 bottles.

Aero is selling its products for $10 each.

But not everyone is buying into Toribells claims.

The Australian Cosmetic and Toiletries Association (ACTA) has also launched an inquiry into the company.

“The Toribele range contains many ingredients which are potentially toxic and potentially harmful,” the ACTA’s director, Professor David Macdonald, told the BBC.

“Aeros own safety data demonstrates that its products contain ingredients which have not been tested in human clinical trials and therefore have not undergone any testing and therefore are not currently on the market.”

Macdonald said that while the use of aero products was being questioned, the industry needed to be more transparent.

“To be honest with you, a lot of people are being misled,” he said.

“The consumer is being misled into buying a product that is potentially harmful and potentially unsafe to use.”

Macdon said that aeros claims that ToriFlorals products were safe to put on their skin had been proven to be “completely false”.

“These claims were made by Toribeles and the Australian Cosmetic & Toiletry Association in their own advertising materials,” he told the station.

“So they are being misleading to consumers and they are not making the claim that the products are safe to be put on the skin.”

According to Macdonald and Toribela, the product should not be considered as safe or effective for sunburn prevention.

“You can put it on and it’s not going to help you.

It’s going to leave a white spot and it may even make your skin itch,” he added.

But Toribelled said that its sunscreen was more effective than Toribellerys products, claiming that ToriiFlorals had “proven” that its product is “more effective” than Tori.

“If you put it in a jar, it’s going in a bottle, you can put that in your jar,” Lacy said.

But Torifells spokesperson Lacey says Toribeltys products are “less effective” and said that Torifelle is “just trying to make the public believe that Toris products are more effective”.

“The reality is Tori is trying to push the envelope,” he insisted.

“They’ve put out a lot more product than Torifels product.

They’ve put a lot in the sun.”

Torifellas spokesperson Andrew Mardon also said that his company’s sunscreen is more effective and more “natural”.

“It’s less toxic and more effective,” he admitted.

“The product comes in a tube, it has a little bit of sunscreen on it.”

But he said that “some of the claims” are “just not accurate”.

“We are just going to go ahead and say that we are more than 90 per cent effective,” Mardon said