How Rafa Benitez is making history as Juventus boss

A new era is dawning at Juventus as the club is set to embark on a new era of growth.

The Bianconeri have been in the market for an assistant coach and with the club in the Champions League final and the first leg of the last 16 against Barcelona on the line, it looks like they are in the race for a man.

And while the news is still relatively quiet at the moment, the fact that Benitezzis wife Miranda is a medical dentist has not only brought the possibility of him joining the coaching ranks but it also comes as a great boost to the young coach.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, the head of medical research at the University of Naples said: “I think the main thing is the fact he is a dentist, that he is well-known.”

He is not a famous person but he is the right person.

“We are talking about a young coach who has already won two domestic titles and has won at least three trophies in his career, which is a fantastic legacy.”

The biggest thing is that he’s a dentist.

“What’s next for RafaBenitez’ job is unclear.

The 29-year-old is not going to be the man tasked with guiding Juventus through the Champions league final, the first of the season, but the appointment of Miranda as his assistant is something that will bring a smile to his face.”

Of course, this is not the first time Miranda has been part of a sporting club,” said the head researcher.”

But I think this is the first appointment of a doctor in a coaching role.

“For the second year running the Bianconers have made the final and while the squad’s performance has been better than expected, the fans have been left with a lot to look forward to.”

In my opinion, I’m very happy with our performance so far and we’re not getting any better,” said Miranda.”

I think that we can win the game against Barcelona in a week, but in my opinion it’s a big step forward and that’s why we want to win the final.””

We know that the game is on the table.

I hope that our fans will be in the mood to come out to watch and support us in the end.