What are some of the worst cosmetic brands in 2017?

Cosmetics are a big part of our lives, but if you have a bad week, it could be the result of a bad bottle.

We know that when we buy a bottle of lipstick, we are not only paying for a product that’s made by a company we trust, we’re also paying for something that’s been treated with harmful ingredients and not tested properly.

So what are some bad cosmetic brands?

A few companies are known for their appalling reputations for ingredients, labelling, and the like.

The list goes on, and even the cosmetics industry can be a source of controversy, so it’s worth digging into some of these brands.


Beauty Brands, L’Oreal and Neutrogena: Beauty Brands is a major player in the beauty industry, with over 30 brands to its name.

It’s no surprise that the company has a lot of bad reputations.

According to a recent survey of beauty brands by beauty-consulting company Beauty Advisor, LIPO, the brand that’s seen the most bad reviews this year is the brand of Neutrosa.

In the survey, Neutrogena scored high on the list of the “worst” cosmetic brands, with their own website (where you can find more) saying that they’ve done “excellent” in the cosmetics department.

Liposal is also a brand that has seen a lot of bad reviews, with Beauty Advisor reporting that the brand scored low on the “best” list for “their overall performance in cosmetics”.

The problem with liposal? 

“The brand is a superficial and generic brand that can appear as a natural, unblemished, organic brand in the beautiest skin-care products”, the survey also noted.

And there you have it, in one simple word: Lipo is a bad brand.


Clinique: Clinique is a huge name in the cosmetic industry, but they’ve also been on a bad roll this year.

As the most famous brand in the world, Cliniqué has been accused of selling cheap lipsticks,  and for the last few years, it has also been accused for using ingredients that were banned in the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

Clinicaltrials.gov reported that Clinique has had some bad reputations this year, but the worst ones were the ones which include fertility, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease.

This is bad news for the brand as they have been reported to have a high risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, as well as having a high rate of skin cancer.


Neutromat: Neutron is a company famous for their amazing, organic skincare products.

Neutron’s products have been lauded for being vegan and cruelty-free, but their worst-known bad brand is Neutrobe.

Their website also states that Neutropom was the “most-watched brand” on Beauty Advisor this year, and that Neubomba is a “beautiful product that has been scientifically proven to protect skin”.


Glam Affair: Glam has had a difficult year.

Their pink lipstick was recently recalled by the US after it was found to contain some form of banned synthetic chemicals.

Glam also has been accused of using dangerous ingredients like hydrogenated oils, which the company claims are “free of chemicals” but are actually chemicals that are banned in many countries.

The company also said that they were the “first to market” with a vegan lipstick.

 The problem is, it’s not clear if the hydroquinone in their lipstick is actually banned in any country, so they’re not necessarily the first brand to use hydroquinone.


Gosh Cosmetics: Gosh Cosmetica has had the highest-profile bad brand this year for using hydrophobic solvents and sublimating to paint, which they’re accused of using to “make skin look greasy” and for “sickening” their products. 

The company has also been accused of being responsible for the pale blue eyes of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, which the company says is due to “skin irritations from hydroponic dissolving greasy products”.

 And while the company is trying to address these allegations in an upcoming ret