How to make your own DIY nail polish for the holidays

Posted October 12, 2018 05:24:07 If you’re like most people, you’re not looking forward to the holiday season.

But, there’s still plenty of time to make fun of your nail polish, and you don’t have to do it by hand.

Here’s how to make DIY nail polishes for all the different holidays.

First, decide what you want to do with your nails.

Do you want your nails to have a holiday look?

Or maybe you want them to be cute and sparkly?

Do you prefer to keep your nails longer or shorter?

For this article, I’m going to use my nails for this article.

If you want more tips on how to do nail art, check out my article on nail art nails.

The nail art nail art that I’m using for this tutorial is called ‘Coffee Mousse’ and it is also available in a number of different colors.

If your nails don’t look festive, there are many different ways to do them.

You can do them with a pencil or a brush, or you can make them with your hands.

In this article I’m only going to be using the pencil.

Here are the steps for making nail art.


Lay your nails on a sheet of paper.

I usually use a sheet that’s about the size of a sheet dinner plate, but if you don`t have a big table, you can also use a smaller sheet.

For this tutorial, I used a small sheet, but it’s up to you if you want it smaller or bigger.

You should make sure your nail art is big enough to cover all your nails, so that it’s not too big or too small.

For my tutorial, the sheet was about the length of my thumb.


Using a paintbrush or pencil, start drawing on your nails with the pencil, but not over them.

Then, take a piece of paper and fold it in half so that the top half is the middle.

You want to make sure that your top half isn`t touching the bottom half of the paper, so the pencil will just come out the sides.


Now, draw your nails across the top and bottom half.

I used two lines to do this, but you can use one more if you have more space.

For example, if you are doing this for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve nails, you should use one line to draw your entire nails, then one to draw the top two lines.

You also don`tt have to worry about how long the lines should be, because you can just keep going with the same lines until you get to the end of the nail.

If they are too long, your nail will be too long.


Once you have all the lines, draw the rest of the nails across.

For Christmas, I wanted my nails to be long enough that they weren`t getting in the way of the food and the Christmas tree.

I chose to go with two lines and two folds, so I had two lines that were long enough to go over the Christmas decorations, and then I had one line that was shorter than the rest and just needed to go through the Christmas decoration.

If it wasn`t too long for your nails or your holiday decorations, you don,t have to change the design or anything.

You just have to keep the same line pattern, and the design will work just fine.


Now that you have the lines on your nail, you are ready to begin to draw.

When you first start to do the nail art tutorial, you may feel like you are making your nails in a hurry.

That`s because your nails are too big.

Your nails will take up a lot of space, and it will take a long time to get your nails back to the size that you want.

For most people who are doing nail art in a rush, this is normal.

For some people, though, they just need a little time to prepare for the holiday.

For that group, this step is going to take a little bit of practice, but once you are comfortable with the nail design, it will be easy.

You may have to think about the design for a while before you begin to create your nails out of colored acrylics.

If this is you, then you should start by drawing the nails in pencil and tracing the designs over the acrylics using a marker.

Then you will be able to trace the shapes of the acrylic over the pencil and start to draw shapes on the acrylic.

Once the nail designs are done, you will want to paint the acrylic and the pencil over the nail patterns.

I like to paint on my nails with a brush so that I can keep track of which parts are which.

You will want the nail shapes to match the design that you draw, so you can paint the nail pattern over the brush, and paint the brush over the nails.


Once your nails have been painted, you want