Why do you feel bad for your kids?

I don’t want my kids to feel bad because they’re not as happy as I am.

I don.

They’re not happy as well.

They are not happy because they are not the ones who are the victims of a disease or an accident.

They feel bad.

They cry.

They get angry.

They try to do something about it.

I can see why they are unhappy, but I can also see that they are the ones that are really affected.

That’s what I am telling my kids.

They can feel bad, but they don’t have to feel that way.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t hurt.

I know my children feel very bad about things.

I have talked to my wife about that, and she tells me that my children are a little bit of a bully.

They don’t get enough love from me.

They do things like say they don´t want to be with their friends, and they are like, “You don’t know how to make friends.” And I don´’t know if that is because they donít want friends or because they can’t make friends.

They have to have someone who understands them.

So I am not saying that my kids aren’t unhappy, just that they aren´t happy.

They won´t be happy, and I doníve to give them the feeling that I am going to punish them.

But if I do, it’s not going to be because I have a disease.

That´s not the way I want to treat my children.

My children are going to grow up happy and healthy.

My kids are going not only healthy, but healthy and well-adjusted.

My daughter is a good example of that.

She is the first one to have a successful marriage.

I haven´t met my husband, so I don,t know if she has any regrets about being with him, but she is happy.

She does not want to have kids.

I would rather have her raise her kids in a better way than not.

I want my daughter to grow in a different way than I did.

She will be a little girl with a lot of future.

I hope that she will be very well.

That is a huge part of what I want for her.

I am a doctor, and if I treat my patients with the right knowledge, I treat them with the knowledge that I can’t help them if they don™t do things.

If I don•t, I am responsible.

I will be responsible if they want to take medicine.

I believe that a lot.

That™s the way you should treat your patients.

Thats the reason why I do what I do.

When I was a doctor at a hospital, I had to get a permit.

I was not allowed to take my patients to the doctor to see the doctor.

I got a permit to go see my patients.

Now I am allowed to see them, and now they are happy.

I cannot be blamed for anything.

If they ask me to go to see a doctor when I am sick, I will go.

My wife is my doctor.

She has the right to go.

If she asks, I have to answer.

If not, she doesn™ t.

That can happen.

I could be accused of being selfish, because I go see the family doctor and my wife goes to see her.

She might say, “I don’t care about you, because you take care of me.”

That is not what I say.

I say, if they ask, I can go.

But I don?t want that to happen to my family.

I feel that I have been treated unfairly.

I think I have earned that right, and my family is happy and I have nothing to be ashamed of.

And my children?s happiness is good.

My son was born on April 12, and he is in his second year of school.

He is a bright kid.

He gets to go on a lot more adventures than I do with my kids, but we don?

t do that often.

But he is happy, because he knows that he will be treated well.

I get to see my children in school every day.

They go to school in the morning, and then they go to their house and play.

They stay up all night.

I tell them that they have a lot to look forward to, because they get to go play with their toys and go to the movies.

They will have fun, too.

My husband and I were happy when we met our son.

I wanted to have my children come to India and live with us.

I loved that they were going to live with me, because it was the only place I could live and have my kids stay.

It was the right place.

We decided to buy our house here, so that we could be together, and we did that.