What’s on the horizon for the beauty world in 2017?

Here are some of the biggest trends to watch out for over the coming year.


Skin care and skincare: While the beauty market is still in the early stages of expansion, many consumers are now embracing a more organic approach to their skincares and makeup.

There is now a growing trend of using natural ingredients to make the skincarash products that you love.

For example, many brands are starting to use organic ingredients instead of chemical ones.

This is the perfect time to start making your own skincars to get rid of those sticky residue-y creams and creams you have to wash out before applying.

It will also help you avoid costly, toxic ingredients like parabens and fragrance, which have a long history of harming the skin.


Beauty brands: Brands like Clinique, Urban Decay, and Bobbi Brown are making major strides in the skinceuticals arena.

They are now selling products with less ingredients, making them easier to find, and using organic ingredients in their products. 


Lifestyle brands: Many people are getting into the lifestyle cosmetics industry, but many of the most popular brands are also starting to focus on skincaring and skintone cosmetics.

There are a number of brands who are going organic, which means using natural, non-toxic ingredients in the products that they sell.

The goal is to make sure that the ingredients are made with the highest quality ingredients.


Men’s grooming products: Some men are getting more interested in the beauty industry, with brands like Urban Decay and Clinique making their way into the market. 


Women’s grooming and beauty: A few new trends are popping up in the market, with a focus on hair care and beauty products.

A number of products have been launched by companies like La Roche Posay, which aims to help women of all ages and health levels understand the importance of keeping their hair healthy and healthy looking. 


Clothing brands: There are many new women’s fashion brands emerging, with designers like Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, and Vans releasing high-quality, low-cost products that can make your wardrobe a whole lot easier to navigate. 


Cosmetics and beauty brands: Some of the new makeup and skincemetics companies have been releasing products that are going for a more natural look and feel, like La Leche League.

It’s also the first time in a while that there is a trend of high-end beauty brands releasing affordable and high-performance products.


Technology and computing: A lot of tech companies are starting out to sell products with a more eco-friendly feel and aesthetic, like Amazon.com and Google.

These companies are also introducing new products like smartwatches that have a lot of features to keep the user occupied, such as an accelerometer to make it easier to check your steps, and the ability to see what’s going on in the day-to-day life of a user.


Cosmetology and beauty/cosmetic brands: This year is going to be very exciting for cosmetic companies in general, as there are a lot more people who are looking to try out skincared and makeup products.

It is expected that more and more women will be using skincarer’s products, which will allow for more natural products that will look good on them.


Personal care products: There is also a lot to look forward to in the personal care industry in 2017, as many companies are adding new products that make it easy to use natural and organic ingredients.

For instance, many of our favorite skincairs are now available in natural, organic and organic-friendly versions.