Mac Pro cosmetics: Mac Pro ‘could’ replace a Mac mini in the ‘trendy’ category

Mac Pro computers are becoming more popular in the fashion and beauty worlds, and now a new Mac Pro may be poised to join the club.

The Mac Pro has become a darling of the fashion world, and Mac Pro fans have long dreamed of an all-in-one desktop PC that can run Mac OS X and Windows, as well as offer a full suite of Mac apps.

The latest rumor is that the new Mac is based on the new 10.5-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, but it’s possible that the computer could be a more affordable option.

While Mac Pro owners are used to spending a fortune for their latest computer, some are even turning to third-party Mac resellers to get their hands on the latest Mac models.

One Mac reseller, the Macromedia Store, says it will sell the new Apple MacBook Pro, which is currently available for $1,299.99.

The website has a large selection of the Mac, and the company says it has sold more than 500 Mac Pro models since its launch last fall.

According to the Mac Pro’s manufacturer, Apple, there is no timeline for when the Mac might be available for purchase.

“We will soon be announcing pricing and availability for our next generation of Mac computers,” the company wrote on its website.

“Please keep an eye on our website for updates as we announce more information.”

It’s unclear whether the Mac will sell for as low as $1.99, or whether it will cost more to buy it.

MacProRumors has reached out to Apple for comment.