Trixie Mattel Cosmetics and Rebecca cosmetics get $10 million in funding from Axios

Trixies makeup company Rebecca cosmetics received $10.3 million in investment funding from investors led by Sequoia Capital, according to Axios.

Rebecca cosmetics’ founder Rebecca Erikson-Sampson said the company’s board will soon be announcing plans for further expansion.

“We’re proud of our ability to deliver a broad portfolio of high-quality beauty products and services,” Eriksons said in a statement.

“The funding will enable us to expand our team, accelerate product development, and grow the company in a sustainable manner.”

The fund was created by Sequoit Capital, which is a subsidiary of Sequoias parent company Guggenheim.

The investment comes amid a broader push by investors and tech companies to boost growth in beauty companies.

Axios first reported that Rebecca cosmetics was seeking funding.

The fund’s announcement comes just weeks after the company announced it would raise $30 million in an initial public offering.

Rebecca’s funding is expected to help expand its existing cosmetics business and expand its business into a broader range of skin care and fragrance brands, according the Axios report.