When a new product arrives: The new boom of boom cosmetics and the beauty of the next boom

It’s a familiar story, but one that may be a little bit more complicated than that.

Boomers, born in the early 1970s and 80s, have been enjoying a rapid growth in the beauty industry since the dawn of the digital era.

Now that the next wave of boomer products has arrived, we’re seeing a boom in products from the brands and brands that were here in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

The boom, as the boom industry has been known for, has been in full swing, as consumers have taken notice. 

Boom products can range from lip balms to eye drops, toothpaste, face and body care to skincare and makeup.

And as boom is still new, there’s still a lot of room for experimentation.

Here are 10 of our favorite new boomer-themed products and why they might be a good buy for you.1. 

Harmony and Bumble: The latest buzzword in boomer fashion is ‘boomer,’ and this beauty line is a part of that trend.

These lipsticks, lip glosses, lipsticks with sparkles, and nail polish have all been popping up on store shelves in the past few months, but now the brand is bringing them to a whole new level.

The products have all a little pop, like a little gold sparkle or a sparkly red lip, to match the sparkle of the brand.


Blush: This lip gloss from Bliss Cosmetics features a rose pink color for a rose effect, which makes it a great blush for anyone who is looking for a softer, more wearable look.

Blush is an excellent primer for any skin tone.


Rough Cut Lipstick: The company has introduced a new line of lipsticks in which they are blending their lipsticks to create a smooth, matte finish that is a little more creamy and not as shiny.


Aqua Gel Lipstick with Taupe: A new line from the brand that is also launching a new lipstick in the fall is the Aqua Gel Lipsticks with Taux, a light and subtle color.

It is a really soft and plump matte finish with a soft sheen and a nice shimmer.


Kelsey & Cole Cosmetics Lipstick, a bright, pink shade: A cool pink lipstick that is perfect for a cool fall look.


L’Oreal Lipstick &amp: A light-medium pink lip color: This one is a bit on the lighter side, so it is a great option for those looking for more of a shimmery finish.


Elta Lipstick in Gold: A deep, gold-tinted pink lipstick that is great for anyone looking for an extra sparkle.


Mimosa Color: This shimmery, glittery color is an interesting one to try out for your lip color.


Balenciaga Lipstick Gold: This new lipstick from Balenciagas Lipsticks is a light-pink, shimmery lip that is not too much of a glitter, but a pretty sparkle that is definitely going to wow people.


Jasmine and Ive Cosmetics Colorful Lashes: A bold new color for lashes that are bright and sparkly, and not too dark.

All of these products are going to be a hit at your local makeup counter in the coming weeks, and they are definitely worth the purchase. 

What are your favorite boom boomer cosmetics?

Let us know in the comments below.