Moira cosmetics launches ‘Moira Beauty’ skin care line, which includes eye shadows

Moira Beauty will launch a new line of cosmetics for women with a focus on skin care, skincare, face care, and hair care.

The Moira beauty line is the latest foray for the cosmetics giant, which has been selling its products in its stores and online since 2017. 

The cosmetics brand is launching a new range of products, which include eye shadows and lip balms, in partnership with cosmetics giant Moira Cosmetics, Moira said in a statement.

The cosmetics will include the Moira Color and Moira Face Palette and Moirée Face and Eye Palette, which are currently available for $59.99 at Moira.

The beauty line will feature a range of shades that range from muted to warm. 

Moira Cosmetica is also launching its Moira Lipsticks, which come in matte and shimmery shades. 

In a press release, Moiré said the cosmetics line will be available in select Moira retail stores across the U.S. in 2018. 

“Moira has always been about bringing people together,” said Moira Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Marjorie Lee.

“We are excited to be partnering with Moira to create an innovative line of beauty products that reflect our company’s mission to bring beauty to a whole new level.

Moira has a long history of pioneering the cosmetics industry, and the Moirères Color and Colorful Cosmetics line will redefine what beauty looks like, feels like and feels like to use.” 

Moirée Cosmetics is a brand owned by The Moirère Group, a Paris-based cosmetics company, which focuses on fragrance and hair products.

The company has been making inroads in the cosmetics market, but its sales have been sluggish. 

While Moira is known for its cosmetics line, Moirea also has other beauty products, including skincares, face and body care, fragrance, and fragrances.

Moiree has also been known to launch products for other brands, including cosmetics giant L’Oreal and beauty brand L’Oréal. 

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