How to Find the Perfect Mask for your TF2 Medic

The next time you go shopping for a mask, look no further than this new TF2 cosmetic fridge. 

It’s packed with the latest cosmetic ingredients, and comes with a full kit of masks, from eyelash tint to makeup brushes. 

The TF2Medic cosmetics fridge is one of a number of cosmetic refrigerators that feature the TF2 medic masks, which are used by TF2’s medic class to heal and revive teammates. 

The TF2Mann Co. TF2Medical cosmetics fridge also comes with the TF16 medic mask, which is used by the Medic class. 

These new cosmetic refrigerator refrigerators are only available to customers who register for the TF2016 beta, and have to be returned to the TFStore by July 5. 

If you’re curious about how these cosmetics refrigerators work, you can read more about it in our TF2 Medical primer.

The TFMedic cosmetics refrigerator is the latest TF2 cosmetics fridge to make its way to TF2 retail shelves. 

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