All eyes on a new set of cosmetics brushes for merle normans’ new collection

bh cosmetic palettes will be on sale starting Friday, the brand announced Thursday, with the latest arrivals featuring new colors for both their existing cosmetics lines and new ones.

They are available in two colors: Black (satin) and Black and Silver (suede).

Merle Normans has long been known for its luxury makeup brushes, but its latest line of products also includes a collection of accessories that range from a makeup brush and eye shadow palette to a makeup applicator and mascara wand.

The company also offers the first collection of high-end cosmetics brushes, which are priced at $50 each and include brushes that come in two different shades: white and cream.

The company is not only continuing to expand its portfolio of beauty brushes, it is also expanding into accessories, too, with a line of highlighters, lipsticks, and mascara brushes that will be available for purchase starting Thursday.

Merle Norman cosmetics also announced Thursday that it will start selling its line of makeup brushes.

The brand said it has had a good relationship with makeup company, Giorgio Armani, who founded the brand in 1986.

“The new lines from Merle and Giorgios have been a huge success, so we’re excited to continue to collaborate with the brand,” the brand said in a statement.

Giorgio said he will be offering two products for the new line, a collection for $65 and a collection featuring $40.

This is a great opportunity for our customers to get into makeup, and they can choose from an array of high end products, including a collection with a collection and applicator that comes in two new colors.

These brushes are priced from $55 to $70, and include a range of color, shade and quality, such as: cream, cream, silver, black, silver and silver.

They also include a brush for a mascara applicator, a brush with a brush and mascara, a lip gloss applicator brush, a mascara brush and a lipstick brush.

The brand also launched a new line of beauty accessories, which will include a collection called Beauty Bags, priced at around $40 each.

The brand is known for launching products in the mid-2000s that have a unique, luxurious look and appeal.

The latest line, which includes products for women of all skin tones, was launched in April, after the brand’s new line was launched last year.