Why Bella Terra is a ‘Beauty Guru’ and a ‘Top Tattoo Artist’

Bella Terra is an artist and stylist who makes beauty-infused tattoo art in the USA.

She has been tattooing for more than 30 years, and she’s always been passionate about her art.

She’s been tattooed for over 25 years, but says her passion for tattoos started as a teenager, when she started learning how to tattoo her face, legs, and arms.

“I just loved it.

It was a way of life for me,” she says.

“But, I just wasn’t into the tattoo business as much as I should have been, so I stopped for a while.

But I never stopped.

I always loved to tattoo, and I wanted to make my own mark on the world, which is why I started tattooing in the first place.”

The tattoo artist is passionate about the tattoo industry and she has been doing it for over a decade.

“People ask me all the time, ‘Are you a tattoo artist?’ and I say, ‘yes’ because I am,” she said.

“Tattooing has always been my passion, and tattooing has made me who I am today.”

A big reason why she started tattoo art was to make her own mark.

“It’s a huge opportunity,” Bella said.

She says that as an adult, she has no plans to go back to a career in tattooing.

“There is nothing better than being a tattooist and being able to make a living out of it, because it’s a lot of work and it takes a lot out of you,” she explained.

Bella has been able to turn her love of tattooing into a business that she’s thriving.

“The tattoos that I do are the things that I enjoy the most, so it’s just a huge honor for me to be able to help people in a really positive way, because my main passion is tattooing,” she added.

“Being a tattooed person has given me so much joy and happiness.

It’s something I will never take for granted.

I think it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have.” 

She has a tattoo of her mom, and has a lot more coming up. 

“I have some more to do, so stay tuned!” she said with a smile. 

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