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becca makeup brand will become a standalone brand by the end of the year and it will no longer have to compete with brands like Makeup Forever and Makeup Geek. 

Becca Cosmetics announced the new identity in a blog post on Wednesday. 

It’s a change that’s a big one for the cosmetics brand, which has been the only one of its kind in the U.S.

Becca has been selling cosmetics since 1996, and now it will be part of a new company, Becca Beauty.

The brand will be called Becca Cosmetic and will feature a new aesthetic and look, with a new name, a new logo and a new website, 

The brand also announced a new partnership with American Express and a revamped website, AmericanExpressBeauty.

Becca is partnering with the online shopping site, where shoppers can find cosmetics and other beauty essentials, as well as coupons and other rewards.

Beccabellas new identity is a big change for the brand, and will allow the company to be more relevant to an increasingly diverse market.

“It was the right time for us to go back to our roots, and it’s really exciting to see the way we’re evolving and getting to a place where people can see us as more than just an online store,” said Becca cosmetics executive director and founder Kim Lippert.

“We’re going to be better for our consumers, because they’re getting more and more information on where to buy, and we’re really focused on that.”

The new Becca brand is also expected to be able to compete in the makeup and hair industry, as the brand’s popularity has been increasing in recent years. 

“We believe that a brand with a unique identity and a great vision is going to attract a younger generation of consumers and really help Becca grow and be a leader in the beauty industry,” said Lippart. 

Lippert said the brand will offer a range of beauty essentials and makeup. 

We can’t wait to see what people are wearing and buying and how it will impact their lives and how they want to look, she said.