Which products are makeup, cosmetics and body care products?

I know it can be overwhelming, but we’ve done our best to simplify the list below to make it easier to find.

The brands you’ll want to keep an eye out for in this category include:Astro Cosmetics (Boeing)Anastasia Beverly Hills (Lionsgate)Beneath Ceaseless Skies (Warner Bros)Clinique (Alfa S.)

Clinica (Draper)Clint Eastwood (Fox)Cosmo (Dodge)Dior (Balmain)Elizabeth Arden (Dillard’s)Ella La Roche Posay (L’Oreal)Essie (Kmart)Foundation (Dior)Giorgio Armani (LVMH)H&M (H&M)Hanes (Hanes)Honeywell (Hollister)Igloo (M&amp=amp;D)Kraft (Davies)L’Oréal (Dyson)Lorac (Loréa)Oskar Blues (Oskars Blues)Otto Maximilians (L)Orion (Lush)Sephora (Lululemon)Sephiroth (Luscious)Susie Burch (LUSH)Visa (Lumiere)Yves Saint Laurent (Luna)What you’ll need:An easy-to-use online shopping cart that you can tap to sort your shopping options and add products.

An app that lets you add products to your shopping cart.

A makeup brush.

A mirror.

A disposable brush that’s waterproof, so you can wash it and apply it to your face.

A wash cloth.

A travel brush.

An eyeliner or eyeliner liner.

A blush.

A mascara.

A lip balm.

A eyeliner.

A mascara.

A primer.

A hand mixer.

A tube.

A toothbrush.

A brush and a toothpick.

A palette.

A bottle of perfume or other fragrances.

A tissue.

A comb.

A tube of toothpaste.

A plastic tub.

A mirror.

An eyeliner applicator.

A hair spray.

A lip balms or moisturizers.

An eyebrow pencil.

A eyebrow powder.

A moisturizer.

A lipstick or lip balmy.

A brow pencil.

An eye shadow brush.

An extra-large lipstick.

A pencil.

The essentials for beauty:A mirror that you won’t want to miss out on.

A disposable brush, to wipe your face with or to brush your lashes.

A makeup brush that you’ll use to apply makeup.

A brush and toothbrush that you use to sharpen your eyebrows and brows.

A travel brush that can hold your makeup.

An extra-long travel brush for applying makeup.

Your makeup brush for setting makeup.

Eyeshadow pencils that you will use to set your makeup and apply eyeshadow.

Eyeliner applicators that you could use to add eyeshadows.

A pencil or eyebrow pencil that you’re going to use to create a brow line.

A moisturizer or body spray that you are going to apply on your face and body.

Your mascara or lip mascara.

Eyebrow pencils or eyeliners that you want to use for your eyebrows.

Your eye shadow palette that you’d like to use on your lashes and brow bones.

Your lipstick or lipstick shade.

A facial washcloth.

A towel that you don’t want wet or to dry.

A hair spray or a shampoo that you might want to wear on your hair.

A hand mixer for blending your makeup onto your face, hair and hair products.

Your eyebrow pencils.

Your eyeliner, eyeliner and eyeliner pencils, eyeliners, mascara, mascara brush and eyeliners.

Your lipsticks or lipsticks, lipsticks and lipsticks.

Your blush.

Your gloss.

Your bronzer or bronzer liner.

Your eyeshine.

Your concealer.

Your contouring kit.

Your foundation.

Your brow and cheek concealer and brow contouring.

Your moisturizer, lip moisturizer and lip moisturizing cream.

Your toothbrush and toothpaste for brushing your face before and after makeup.