New research shows women are happier with their skin than men

Share this article Share The latest research suggests that the happiness of women is not as high as men’s, and may not even be the same as men, according to a new study by a UK cosmetics company.

A new study conducted by the London School of Economics, published on Monday, found that women’s subjective wellbeing may not be as high, or as high in many areas, as men.

The research, conducted by cosmetics company Lush, shows that while the majority of women (82 per cent) are satisfied with their appearance, only 27 per cent of men are.

The findings are the result of an experiment conducted by Lush in which it surveyed 1,500 women and men in the UK.

The researchers found that while women are generally more satisfied with the look of their skin, they were more likely to be satisfied with how their skin feels, compared to men. 

“The results suggest that women are less satisfied with overall skin care, as well as in how their own skin feels,” Lush CEO, Claire Brown, said in a statement. 

However, the researchers were able to show that women were more satisfied when it came to the feel of their own faces and bodies, and that this was correlated with their perceived health.

“This may reflect women’s heightened desire to feel their own body,” Dr Brown said.

“We found that, while men and women are equally satisfied with skin care in general, women are more satisfied on the skin that they themselves own, while their own bodies feel less well-balanced.”

The study also found that those with higher incomes were more positive about their skin’s health, while those with lower incomes were less positive.

“In the UK, women were twice as likely as men to be happy with their own health, and were also twice as happy with how they themselves felt,” Brown said in the statement.

“Men, however, were twice the likely to say they were happy with the way their skin felt.”

The UK is a country where women are at a premium, and we know that women feel very much valued for their bodies and the way they look, and are therefore more likely than men to feel that they have the right to do what they want with their body, whether that is as beautiful as their skin or not.

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