Why you’re missing the sydneys grace cosmetics

I got my first pair of Grace cosmetics a few weeks ago, and they are incredible!

I was a bit sceptical because they were so similar to other beauty brands I’ve tried. 

But I got a pair of these beauties at an event at the Sydney Grace boutique in April and instantly fell in love. 

I love the packaging, the colour palette and the way they all work together. 

They feel lightweight and comfortable, and it’s the perfect size for me to wear them all day. 

The first time I wore a pair I was so happy with the feel of the packaging.

I couldn’t stop smiling. 

It’s not a bad formula.

It has a matte finish that looks like you’re wearing a moisturiser, but it’s not sticky. 

You can wear these with or without makeup, and I’d definitely recommend them for summer time. 

If you’re not into makeup, you can get some of the other products in the range. 

And I have to say that Grace’s Beauty Brand is pretty awesome.

They’re not exactly the biggest, but they’re reasonably priced. 

When you buy Grace, you’re getting a whole bunch of beautiful products. 

Check out my review of Grace’s Grace Beauty Brand Beauty products here . 

If there’s one thing that I want Grace to do better, it’s bring its brand into my daily life. 

In the meantime, I love all of Grace.

I think they have a great product range, and the packaging is a beautiful way to put them together.

But it’s also important to keep in mind that these beauty brands are all about making money, so they are all geared towards younger consumers. 

This post originally appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald