What’s on sale this week? | The Wall Street Journal

Mally cosmetics is making its biggest-ever sale with the introduction of its Beauty Revolution, a full-size beauty product line.

The $79.99, three-piece beauty line includes the Essence Revolution and Beauty Revolution Complete.

There are eight products in the new line, including the Essence Revolutions Lipstick and the Essence Revival Liquid Eye Cream.

“It’s the perfect gift for the woman of your dreams,” Mally spokeswoman Danielle Corde said in a statement.

“It will help your skin stay soft, nourished and glow for longer.

And we are bringing the Essence and Essence Revolves into the home.”

Mally is rolling out the new Beauty Revolution products across the United States this week, including online.

Mally also said it is adding a new full-sized Beauty Revolution product to its Beauty Box line.

It will be available for pre-order starting Jan. 14 at Mally’s website.

Last year, Mally added five new full size Beauty Revolutions to its box, including its Essence Revolve Lipstick, Essence Revolvers Lipstick Duo, Essence Revival Lip Cream, and Essence Revival Eye Creams.

It’s unclear whether the new products are part of a wider expansion of the cosmetics brand.

Mally is a $5 billion-plus cosmetics company that sells cosmetics through its Mally Beauty Group in the United Kingdom.

While the Beauty Revolution line is the biggest new addition to the company’s cosmetics line, Maly’s Beauty Box range includes a range of makeup, hair care, skincare and beauty accessories.