Which cosmetics brands are the best?

The Best Beauty Brands in the World is our ranking of the world’s best cosmetics brands, based on their performance in delivering their most popular beauty products, and their dedication to the consumer’s beauty experience.

In 2017, we surveyed nearly 8,000 consumers to find out which brands deliver the best value for money, and in the process, to discover which brands are doing their job right and which brands have fallen behind.

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In 2017, the top-performing brands were: Belgium: $20,500  Bhutan:  $18,000  Germany:  $16,900  France: .$15,900   Germany-based H&M was also a standout in 2017, with a profit of $13.2 million on sales of $8.6 billion, up 21% from 2016. 

L’Oréal was also strong, and it was also one of the top performing brands. 

It was one of just four major cosmetics companies that saw revenue rise in 2017. 

Belarus: ~$3,900