What is Terra Moon cosmetics?

The Terra Moon brand is an American cosmetics company founded in 2007.

It sells products including the brand name Ultra Beauty, which has been described as a “bikini brand”.

It also has a line of skin care products.

Terra Moon cosmetics has been accused of making fake beauty products and engaging in “corrupt practices” by a group of consumers who have filed a complaint with the FTC.

The FTC said in a statement to CBS News that it “has received allegations that Terra Moon has sold products that are counterfeit, misbranded and misbranded with a false claim of being cruelty-free, which are false and deceptive.

The FTC has taken action to stop these violations.”

The FTC did not name any products or people it said were harmed by Terra Moon’s “corrosive, toxic, harmful and unsafe products.”

Terra moon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Terresoft Beauty, a subsidiary of Terra Moon, has been sued in multiple states by consumers who claim the products contained dangerous ingredients and are made with dangerous substances.

In June 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered a preliminary injunction to prevent Terra Moon from continuing to market its Ultra Beauty line of products.

The order is expected to be final by the end of September.

Terrera Moon has denied the allegations.

“We are confident that our products are safe, safe and that they are completely safe for our customers to use,” a spokesperson told CBS News.