How the baby boom generation is changing beauty, makeup and more

Posted September 09, 2018 04:19:00 The baby boomers are entering their mid-60s and turning 50 next month, and it’s not all good news for beauty brands.

According to a new report, there’s a lot of good news in store for the cosmetics and beauty accessories industries, including the rising popularity of “cosmetics as a form of personal care” and “beauty as a lifestyle”.

According the report, the trend is driven in part by the popularity of products like eyeliner and eye shadow, and the increasing number of women who wear makeup.

“There is definitely a lot going on, and I think it is because of the boomers, they’re not going to be the generation of baby boom or they’re going to have babies at some point,” said Shannan Leong, co-founder and CEO of Glow.

“They’re going in a different direction, they want a more personalized approach.” 

The report, called “Baby Boomer Beauty: How the Baby Boomers Are Changing Beauty, Makeup and More,” looked at trends in beauty, cosmetics and hair care in the mid- to late-60-s, highlighting how this generation is now entering their peak beauty years.

Its a period when a new generation of women is starting to take up the cosmetics industry.

With the popularity and the trend for baby boomer women being driven by the new generation, Leong said the boomer women are also coming into a new era of personal and beauty care products.

While the trend towards makeup is definitely in the spotlight, Leung said she believes there are also many products that are still in their prime and are ready to take over the beauty market.

She pointed out that a lot has changed with makeup in the past couple of years, and there are new products being introduced.

A lot of the trends in makeup, Leeng said, were being driven more by a young generation, and a lot more younger women are choosing to use products with natural ingredients.

“I think this generation really wants to be seen as a ‘personal touch’,” she said.

Some of the products that have caught her attention are the “moisturizer” products, which are designed to create a more hydrated, glow-like glow to skin, Leontes said. 

“I’ve also seen some products with a lot less pigmentation, and lighter pigmentation,” she said, adding that she believes the younger generations are going to love these products.

“They’re definitely more sensitive to pigmentation in skin, so I think they’re definitely going to like that.”

The report also said some of the older brands, like Glam Affair, are being phased out, and more and more women are opting for products like natural hair products, high-shine lipsticks and even hair products. 

However, there is also a growing number of products that aren’t quite ready for prime time, such as makeup brushes. 

For example, some of these brushes are designed for a younger audience, and have been popular for a while.

Leontese said some companies are moving to create more creative brushes, and are looking to create products that appeal to an older audience.

And although there are products that still are available that are geared towards a younger and older audience, she believes these are just not ready for primetime yet.

Glam Affairs natural hair brushes are available for $20.

However, these products have been phased out and some of them have already sold out in some places, Leonse said.

“You don’t want to just keep buying this product that’s just not cutting it anymore.

You want to create something that appeals to a more mature audience.”

Leontese also pointed out the makeup companies are also looking to differentiate themselves from other brands in the market, and that is where some of their products stand out.

“Some of them are really trying to be different, some are not,” she told CBC Radio’s Toronto Morning.

One of the most successful products is the “natural” beauty products, she said in a similar way to cosmetics.

Her company makes beauty products that don’t have any chemical ingredients and are made with organic ingredients, she added. 

The cosmetics industry is also struggling with the millennial generation, the report said.

“The millennial generation is entering their 40s and they are not buying into the beauty trend,” Leontess said.

Leong added that millennials tend to be more open-minded and are more accepting of new technology, which can make products seem more sophisticated. 

A lot has also changed for the hair care industry, she explained. 

Her company, Glam Beauty, is now in the business of providing natural, natural hair care products, Leons hair care line of products includes an anti-aging cream, a gel-cream moisturizer, a hair wash, a