Beauty blogger paid $400k for $1,000 adore cosmetics

Posted April 05, 2018 12:22:22A makeup blogger who was paid $1 million to create a campaign to appeal to beauty fans and a cosmetics ad campaign was paid another $400,000 by adore beauty to create the campaign, according to a report.

The adores beauty brand was paid to create ads for the cosmetics company and was to have the campaign aired on a national television network.

The woman, who has not been identified, was paid in February and was given an additional $150,000 in October.

The adore brand is owned by Adore Cosmetics Inc., which is part of the beauty empire of L’Oreal.

The report said the woman is an American, and was employed at L’Oréal Paris, where she was a fashion stylist.

L’Orèal said in a statement it was unable to comment on the matter.