TF2 cosmetics (3)

The game has many of the cosmetic items that you would expect from a game with its name, but you’ll find a few new ones.

The most interesting is the “Thing of the Year”, a weapon that is exclusive to the TF2 franchise.

TF2 is a game where players are awarded points for completing various challenges, and there are 10 trophies you can collect in order to unlock the “thing of the year”.

The thing of the week is a new weapon for the Pyro, a subclass that was added to the game in March.

The Pyro has the ability to “boost” the target’s movement speed, causing them to fly forward at a higher rate.

This weapon was previously called the “Wormhole” or “Flame Thrower” in TF2.

The name of the weapon was changed to “The Thing of the Week” for TF2 5.0.

The “Tombstone” is a weapon for a Scout.

This is a melee weapon that deals damage to targets and can also deal critical damage.

The “Tombs” is the secondary weapon, and is an automatic weapon.

You can find it in the Vault.

The Vault of Glass is a Vault that holds items that can only be opened with the Vault Key.

The Vault Key can be found in the top left of the Vault of Steel, where it’s unlocked by defeating the boss in the final boss fight of the main game.

The vault contains items for every class, including: The Vault-Tec Workshop, the Vault-12 Workshop, and the Vault Hunter’s Workshop.