When do you need to get out of the pink dust and into the Golden Beauty palette?

I love the way the packaging on my sample box of the Pink Dust cosmetics collection is so beautiful, so clean, and the colors are all natural.

I’m especially loving the color in the pink, orange, and green shades.

The palettes are packed with products that are so well-rounded that they look like one big palette.

The packaging and color palette really compliment each other so well, and they really make your skin feel beautiful and refreshed.

My favorite product of the palette is the Rose Water Essence.

The pink and orange shades have an amazing scent, and both shades are very creamy and refreshing.

I also love the new Palette of the Month.

The Palette is so well rounded, and there are tons of colors and products in it.

I’ve already used all of the shades that were in the Palette, and I love all of them.

I especially love the pink and lime shade because I love those shades so much.

I think this palette is perfect for spring or summer, but I’ve also used it for my summer routine and it works just as well in the fall.

The new Palettes are $15 each.

If you’re interested in the other Palettes, I also have an exclusive giveaway.

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