A new way to save money with makeup brushes: A startup

An old friend who once offered to show off her homemade makeup brushes is helping the makeup industry find new ways to save its cash.

Melissa P. Mays, a marketing professor at Ohio State University, co-founded Melt cosmetics last year with the help of her husband, Matthew, who works in marketing.

They wanted to make it easier for consumers to shop for makeup brushes, said Ms. Mews, who now heads the company’s customer experience team.

She said she and her husband have been working to increase the size of the company so that it can meet the needs of consumers who want to shop online or in-person.

Melt is not the first makeup brand to start offering in-store pickup and online shopping.

The two companies also sell cosmetics at beauty supply stores and online.

Melissa and Matthew Mays said they are also looking into ways to expand the company beyond just cosmetics.

“We want to do more with it and have more products,” said Mr. Mains, 35, who owns a company called Kmart Cosmetics and sells makeup at Target stores.

In addition to making the products available for online shopping, Melt is also looking at other online stores like Sephora, Walmart and Kohl’s.

“It would be great if we can make a better experience,” Mr. G. said.

For now, the Mayss are focused on expanding their cosmetics business.

They plan to hire more employees and make a push to sell in-stores, which they believe would be more profitable.

The couple said they don’t expect to have the money to expand to more stores in the near future.

Melt Cosmetics started selling in-home makeup and skincare products last year and has been growing rapidly, said Melissa Mays.

Its business has grown to more than $50 million.

In-person retail sales rose 17 percent last year, Ms. P. said, while in-stock sales dropped 5 percent, a sign that customers want to buy from the Mearsys rather than the Mawsys.

That means a shopper who is interested in getting makeup brushes or other products from the company could get the best deals on products, Ms