What to Know About the ‘Jafra’ Cosmetics in ‘TF2 Scout’

JAFRA, Israel — It looks like a big, dark, big white cat on a wall.

But it is a real-life animal called a jafra, the Israeli company that makes a skin-tight, ultra-thin version of its signature mascara.JAFRA makes a Jafra Lash mascara that is designed to work on both lashes and brows.

But that’s not all.

It also has a gel-like substance in it that helps it blend in with your skin.

Jafras Lash Lash is the first mascara in the Jafras line.

It was developed in partnership with Israeli startup company, The Company, which was founded by two women who had studied at the Hebrew University.

Their company was able to develop a mascara that could be applied with the same ease as any other mascara.

“The Jafras Lash is unique because it’s so lightweight,” said CEO Yair Yacob.

“We’re able to achieve the perfect blend with just a few drops.”

Yacob and co-founder Avi Katz also designed the mascara to be more affordable.

Jafrap Lash is now available for $39.99 and $39,99, and will be available for purchase in stores on September 29.

The brand will also launch a $30 jafras skin-lightening serum.

The company’s founder, Atef El-Bazra, also started the company.

El-Bazzra started his company in 2011, and now employs a total of 11 people.

He has a degree in chemical engineering and works for a chemical company.

He hopes to have enough employees to make the brand a success.

“We are really ambitious and we believe that with a little effort and time, we can do great things,” El-Zazzra said.

“A lot of companies have come out with a mascara, but we’re the first company that has come up with a skin cream.

This is a breakthrough product.”

While Jafrakas Lash may look like a cat in a bottle, El-Azazzra says it is made with animal-derived ingredients and has never been tested on animals.

“It’s not a product that will affect people, but it will definitely make your skin look more healthy and healthy skin,” Elizazzra told CBS News.

Elizazzras Lash has already been tested in a small number of people.

It’s available now at retail stores in Israel, Israel, United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Australia, Spain, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Eliza Katz, Elizazra’s daughter, said that her parents had a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve when it came to making a product.

“They were passionate about the product and wanted to make a beautiful product,” she said.

El Azazzra’s wife Avi, who has a PhD in chemical and biochemistry, is also passionate about making cosmetics.

She started her own business, Atena, and has been able to bring her passion for cosmetics to life.

“I started out making cosmetics and then my business turned into making cosmetics,” El Azazzaras told CBSNews.

“So I can see that my dream is coming true.”